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We combine our global expertise into local knowledge to help our clients transform their business using Odoo ERP.

About Nisu Consulting

Nisu Consulting is a division of Nisu Co., Ltd which specializes in providing ERP consultation and implementation services.

With many years of Odoo ERP experience in implementation and customization, we are now the only consulting firm in Myanmar that focuses solely on Odoo ERP total solutions with long list of impressive multinational companies and government agencies.

Nisu Consulting is well trusted by many board of directors, chairmen/chairwomen, and senior managers of foreign and local companies to deliver Odoo ERP implementation.

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Odoo Experts

Home to a team of professional Odoo ERP consultants, Nisu Consulting is readily able to adhere to any customer's requirements in order to allow the production of important assets for business leveraging key data and insights.

We will design and implement Odoo solutions so that Odoo ERP system can generate meaningful data for your decision making.

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