Why We Love Odoo eCommerce

Powerful | Intuitive | User Friendly

eCommerce is COMPLEX

Looking for an eCommerce platform for your company is NOT an easy task and sometimes involves a lot of stress especially if you are not a technical person.

There are so many good eCommerce software to choose from, based on different programming languages, hosted on shared hosting, VPS hosting, and not to mention the server capacity, how many CPU core, network bandwidth, memory and SSL connection. 

All these have to be considered to ensure a pleasant customer experience and yet maximum security to protect customer's data.

In my previous blog "Transforming Your Business to Digital Platform", I mentioned that some basic features that eCommerce software should offer out of the box. These are:

  • easy to use and navigate shopping cart

  • can use discounts and promo code

  • can integrate with MPU payment in Myanmar

  • easy to use and configure without programming knowledge

  • can use multiple pictures for your product photos

  • have analytical function

  • can show real time statistics on sales, accounting and stock data

Those are some basic features that eCommerce software should at least have.

Now... why we love Odoo

Nisu Consulting is perceived as the best Odoo consulting firm in Myanmar because we use, we customize, we implement and we train Odoo ERP system. 

Odoo eCommerce has all of the features that a business owner required to operate a solid eCommerce website out of the box without customization. Plus, integration with MPU payment via CB Bank that we have custom built two years ago make it the best eCommerce platform to use in Myanmar.

Check out a short video about Odoo eCommerce below a courtesy of Odoo S.A


Do you like what you see? Ask yourself some questions:

  • how can you use Odoo eCommerce to grow your business in a very over crowded market?

  • do you think growing your business online worth it?

  • where do you see your business is going in the next 12 months to 5 years from today?

If you like what you see and you are committed to implement Odoo eCommerce in your business and want to generate more sales please Book an Appointment with me now.

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